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    Social Practice and Shared History, Not Social Scale, Structure Cross‐Cultural Complexity in Kinship Systems.Péter Rácz, Sam Passmore & Fiona M. Jordan - 2020 - Topics in Cognitive Science 12 (2):744-765.
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    Kin Against Kin: Internal Co-selection and the Coherence of Kinship Typologies.Sam Passmore, Wolfgang Barth, Kyla Quinn, Simon J. Greenhill, Nicholas Evans & Fiona M. Jordan - 2021 - Biological Theory 16 (3):176-193.
    Across the world people in different societies structure their family relationships in many different ways. These relationships become encoded in their languages as kinship terminology, a word set that maps variably onto a vast genealogical grid of kinship categories, each of which could in principle vary independently. But the observed diversity of kinship terminology is considerably smaller than the enormous theoretical design space. For the past century anthropologists have captured this variation in typological schemes with only a small number of (...)
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    Text Analysis Shows Conceptual Overlap as Well as Domain-Specific Differences in Christian and Secular Worldviews.Joseph Watts, Sam Passmore, Joshua Conrad Jackson, Christoph Rzymski & Robin I. M. Dunbar - 2020 - Cognition 201:104290.
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