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    New Materialisms: Ontology, Agency, and Politics.Diana Coole & Samantha Frost (eds.) - 2010 - Duke University Press.
    New Materialisms brings into focus and explains the significance of the innovative materialist critiques that are emerging across the social sciences and humanities. By gathering essays that exemplify the new thinking about matter and processes of materialization, this important collection shows how scholars are reworking older materialist traditions, contemporary theoretical debates, and advances in scientific knowledge to address pressing ethical and political challenges. In the introduction, Diana Coole and Samantha Frost highlight common themes among the distinctive critical projects that comprise (...)
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    Biocultural Creatures: Toward a New Theory of the Human.Samantha Frost - 2016 - Durham: Duke University Press.
    In _Biocultural Creatures_, Samantha Frost brings feminist and political theory together with findings in the life sciences to recuperate the category of the human for politics. Challenging the idea of human exceptionalism as well as other theories of subjectivity that rest on a distinction between biology and culture, Frost proposes that humans are biocultural creatures who quite literally are cultured within the material, social, and symbolic worlds they inhabit. Through discussions about carbon, the functions of cell membranes, the activity of (...)
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  3. Hobbes and Republican Liberty.Quentin Skinner & Samantha Frost - 2009 - Political Theory 37 (5):694-705.
  4. Introducing the new materialisms.Diana Coole & Samantha Frost - 2010 - In Diana H. Coole & Samantha Frost (eds.), New Materialisms: Ontology, Agency, and Politics. Duke University Press. pp. 1--43.
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    Lessons From a Materialist Thinker: Hobbesian Reflections on Ethics and Politics.Samantha Frost - 2008 - Stanford University Press.
    Thomas Hobbes is an iconic figure who serves as an easy reference for pundits commenting on the brutality of war as well as for critics of a distinctly modern individualism in which calculating and rapacious self-interest is the cause of the violence, destruction, and exploitation endemic to the contemporary world. Frost's reading of Hobbes's philosophy shows us that underlying such visions of self and politics is another iconic figure: that of the Cartesian subject. What gives the iconic Hobbes his hardcore (...)
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    The Attentive Body: How the Indexicality of Epigenetic Processes Enriches Our Understanding of Embodied Subjectivity.Samantha Frost - 2020 - Body and Society 26 (4):3-34.
    Drawing on research in posthumanism, science and technology studies and biosemiotics, this essay analyses the challenges epigenetic processes pose for our understanding of embodied subjectivity. It uses the work of Charles Sanders Peirce to argue that epigenetic processes are indexical in their patterned logic, that they are meaning-making processes and that, consequently, they can be conceived as a form of attention. To conceive of bodies as paying attention through epigenetic processes is to rupture the distinction between matter and meaning that (...)
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    Re-considering the turn to biology in feminist theory.Samantha Frost - 2014 - Feminist Theory 15 (3):307-326.
    This article argues that feminist theorists should conceive of the life sciences not only as a factual resource but also as a figural resource. It proposes that in shifting our conceptual orientation to biological science from fact to figure, feminists will be able to give theoretical life to scientific findings about the ways in which social environments and material habitats are processes integral to our development, growth, and social and political well-being. The figuration of ourselves as specifically biocultural creatures will (...)
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    Hobbes and the Matter of Self-Consciousness.Samantha Frost - 2005 - Political Theory 33 (4):495-517.
    Observing that René Descartes's dualistic philosophy haunts our conceptualization of matter, this essay argues that Thomas Hobbes develops a non-Cartesian materialism, which is to say that he articulates a materialism in which matter is not construed as essentially unthinking. Tracing his accounts of sense, perception, and thinking, this essay reconstructs Hobbes's account of self-consciousness and proposes that in a subject conceived as wholly embodied, self-knowledge or self-awareness takes the form of memory. The essay elaborates how Hobbes 's account of self-consciousness (...)
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  9. Fear and the illusion of autonomy.Samantha Frost - 2010 - In Diana H. Coole & Samantha Frost (eds.), New Materialisms: Ontology, Agency, and Politics. Duke University Press.
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    Faking it.Samantha Frost - 2001 - Political Theory 29 (1):30-57.
  11. Gillian Howie, Between Feminism and Materialism: A Question of Method.Samantha Frost - 2012 - Radical Philosophy 174:48.
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    Hobbes out of Bounds.Samantha Frost - 2004 - Political Theory 32 (2):257-273.
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    Hobbes's Politically Subversive Messianism.Samantha Frost - 2010 - Theory and Event 13 (1).
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    Just Lie: Lessons from Hobbes on the Cultivation of Peace.Samantha Frost - 2005 - Theory and Event 7 (4).
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    Altman, Matthew C. A Companion to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2008. Pp. xviii+ 232. Paper, $30.00. Baker, Lynne Rudder. The Metaphysics of Everyday Life: An Essay in Practical Realism. Cambridge-New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Pp. xv+ 253. Cloth, $85.00. [REVIEW]Paul J. J. M. Bakker, Johannes M. M. H. Thijssen, Samantha Frost & Palo Alto - 2008 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 46 (3):495-98.
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    Review: Hobbes out of Bounds. [REVIEW]Samantha Frost - 2004 - Political Theory 32 (2):257 - 273.