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Sandra Lynch
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    Soldier Enhancement: Ethical Risks and Opportunities.M. Beard, J. Galliott & Sandra Lynch - unknown
    Over the past decade, interest in human enhancement has waxed and waned. The initial surge of interest and funding, driven by the US Army’s desire for a ‘Future Force Warrior’ has partly given way to the challenges of meeting operational demands abroad. However the ethical opportunities provided by soldier enhancement demand that investigation of its possibilities continue. Benefits include enhanced decision-making, improved force capability, reduced force size and lower casualty rates. These benefits — and enhancement itself — carry concomitant risks, (...)
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  2. Philosophy and Friendship.Sandra Lynch - 2005 - Edinburgh University Press.
    A philosophical exploration of the meaning and significance of friendship.This book explains the persistence of friendship today in the light of the history of philosophical approaches to the subject. It considers ideals of intimacy and fusion in the context of claims that such ideals are unrealistic and even dangerous. Cicero's scepticism about friendship in the public realm is compared with the Aristotelian view of friendship as a genuine political bond, and with Derrida's development of that view via an exploration of (...)
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    Personhood, Harm and Interest: A Reply to Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva.Matthew Beard & Sandra Lynch - 2013 - Journal of Medical Ethics 39 (5):1-4.
    In the article ‘After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?’ arguments are made in favour of the moral permissibility of intentionally killing newborn infants, under particular conditions. Here we argue that their arguments are based on an indefensible view of personhood, and we question the logic of harm and interest that informs their arguments. Furthermore, we argue that the conclusions here are so contrary to ordinary moral intuitions that the argument and conclusions based upon it—including those which defend more mainstream (...)
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    Is There a Duty for an Elite Athlete to Be a Role Model?Paul Johnson, Daryl Adair & Sandra Lynch - unknown
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    Book Review: Friendship, Written by Michael H. Mitias. [REVIEW]Sandra Lynch - 2014 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 11 (6):786-788.
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    Open Secrets: Reading and Understanding: James Douglas Fleming: Milton’s Secrecy and Philosophical Hermeneutics, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Hampshire, 2008, Xiv + 196 Pp, ₤55.00 HB. [REVIEW]Sandra Lynch - 2010 - Metascience 19 (2):345-348.
    This scholarly and engaging text focuses on John Milton’s poetry and prose as the locus of a hermeneutic model of the interpretation of meaning which is radically different from modern scientific understandings of interpretation as a matter of discovery or the uncovering of knowledge.
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