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  1. The Division of Epistemic Labor.Sandy Goldberg - 2011 - Episteme 8 (1):112-125.
    In this paper I formulate the thesis of the Division of Epistemic Labor as a thesis of epistemic dependence, illustrate several ways in which individual subjects are epistemically dependent on one or more of the members of their community in the process of knowledge acquisition, and draw conclusions about the cognitively distributed nature of some knowledge acquisition.
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  2. Epistemic Entitlement and Luck.Sandy Goldberg - 2014 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 91 (2):273-302.
    The aim of this paper is to defend a novel characterization of epistemic luck. Helping myself to the notions of epistemic entitlement and adequate explanation, I propose that a true belief suffers from epistemic luck iff an adequate explanation of the fact that the belief acquired is true must appeal to propositions to which the subject herself is not epistemically entitled. The burden of the argument is to show that there is a plausible construal of the notions of epistemic entitlement (...)
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  3. Self-Trust and Extended Trust: A Reliabilist Account.Sandy Goldberg - 2013 - Res Philosophica 90 (2):277-292.
    Where most discussions of trust focus on the rationality of trust, in this paper I explore the doxastic justification of beliefs formed through trust. I examine two forms of trust: the self-trust that is involved when one trusts one’s own basic cognitive faculties, and the interpersonal trust that is involved when one trusts another speaker. Both cases involve regarding a source of information as dependable for the truth. In thinking about the epistemic significance regarding a source in this way, I (...)
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  4. Conversations Online.Patrick Connolly, Sandy Goldberg & Jennifer Saul (eds.) - forthcoming - Oxford University Press.
  5. An intuition about self-knowledge: A challenge to Fodor.Sandy Goldberg - 1993 - Conference 4 (1):50-63.
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    Review of Katalin Farkas, The Subject's Point of View[REVIEW]Sandy Goldberg - 2009 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2009 (5).
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