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    Cultural Diversity and Management Learning: A Study on Tagorean Leadership in Philosophy and Action.Sanjoy Mukherjee & Summauli Pyne - 2016 - Philosophy of Management 15 (1):51-64.
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    Dialogues From the Land of Love and Death.Sanjoy Mukherjee - 2006 - AI and Society 21 (1-2):121-140.
    Knowledge and action constitute two important and inter-related domains of human existence. The very pace of our modern life with all its material abundance hardly allows us space for the dawning of higher knowledge or scope for imparting deeper meaning into the endless series of our mechanical actions. The limitations of linear thinking, binary logic and specialized disciplines of knowledge prevent our access to a holistic perception of our life-world. The article draws insights from three classical traditions of learning to (...)
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