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  1. The construction of preference.Sarah Lichtenstein & Paul Slovic (eds.) - 2006 - New York: Cambridge University Press.
    One of the main themes that has emerged from behavioral decision research during the past three decades is the view that people's preferences are often constructed in the process of elicitation. This idea is derived from studies demonstrating that normatively equivalent methods of elicitation (e.g., choice and pricing) give rise to systematically different responses. These preference reversals violate the principle of procedure invariance that is fundamental to all theories of rational choice. If different elicitation procedures produce different orderings of options, (...)
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  2. Facts versus fears.Paul Slovic, B. Fischoff & Sarah Lichtenstein - 1982 - In Daniel Kahneman, Paul Slovic & Amos Tversky (eds.), Judgment Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases. Cambridge University Press. pp. 463--489.
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    Relative importance of probabilities and payoffs in risk taking.Paul Slovic & Sarah Lichtenstein - 1968 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 78 (3p2):1.
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    Valuing Environmental Resources: A Constructive Approach.Robin Gregory, Sarah Lichtenstein & Paul Slovic - 1993 - Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 7 (2):177-197.
    The use of contingent valuation methods for estimating the economic value of environmental improvements and damages has increased significantly. However, doubts exist regarding the validity of the usual willingness to pay CV methods. In this article, we examine the CV approach in light of recent findings from behavioral decision research regarding the constructive nature of human preferences. We argue that a principal source of problems with conventional CV methods is that they impose unrealistic cognitive demands upon respondents. We propose a (...)
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    Importance of variance preferences in gambling decisions.Paul Slovic & Sarah Lichtenstein - 1968 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 78 (4p1):646.
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    Bases for preferences among three-outcome bets.Sarah Lichtenstein - 1965 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 69 (2):162.
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    Effect of instruction in expected value on optimality of gambling decisions.Sarah Lichtenstein, Paul Slovic & Donald Zink - 1969 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 79 (2p1):236.
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