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    Twenty years of value sensitive design: a review of methodological practices in VSD projects. [REVIEW]Till Winkler & Sarah Spiekermann - 2018 - Ethics and Information Technology 23 (1):17-21.
    This article reviews the academic literature that emerged under value sensitive design. It investigates those VSD projects that employed the tripartite methodology, examining the use of VSD methodological elements, and illustrating common practices and identifying shortcomings. The article provides advice for VSD researchers on how to complete and enhance their methodological approach as the research community moves forward.
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    Privacy concerns and identity in online social networks.Hanna Krasnova, Oliver Günther, Sarah Spiekermann & Ksenia Koroleva - 2009 - Identity in the Information Society 2 (1):39-63.
    Driven by privacy-related fears, users of Online Social Networks may start to reduce their network activities. This trend can have a negative impact on network sustainability and its business value. Nevertheless, very little is understood about the privacy-related concerns of users and the impact of those concerns on identity performance. To close this gap, we take a systematic view of user privacy concerns on such platforms. Based on insights from focus groups and an empirical study with 210 subjects, we find (...)
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    Technology paternalism – wider implications of ubiquitous computing.Sarah Spiekermann & Frank Pallas - 2006 - Poiesis and Praxis 4 (1):6-18.
    Ubiquitous computing technologies will have a wide impact on our daily lives in the future. Currently, most debates about social implications of these technologies concentrate on different aspects of privacy and data security. However, the authors of this paper argue that there is more to consider from a social perspective: In particular, the question is raised how people can maintain control in environments that are supposed to be totally automated. Hinting at the possibility that people may be subdued to machines’ (...)
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  4. Wider den Transhumanismus.Georg Franck, Sarah Spiekermann, Peter Hampson, Charles M. Ess, Johannes Hoff & Mark Coeckelbergh - forthcoming - Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
    Mit der Entwicklung von Gen-, Nanotechnologie und Neurotechnolgie bekommt die Menschheit mehr und mehr die Mittel in die Hand, sich in Eigenregie evolutionär weiterzuentwickeln. Das ist gefährlich.
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