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    Kantian Justice and Poverty Relief.Sarah Williams Holtman - 2004 - Kant-Studien 95 (1):86-106.
  2. Revolution, Contradiction, and Kantian Citizenship.Sarah Williams Holtman - 2002 - In Mark Timmons (ed.), Kant's Metaphysics of Morals: Interpretative Essays. Clarendon Press.
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    Toward Social Reform: Kant's Penal Theory Reinterpreted.Sarah Williams Holtman - 1997 - Utilitas 9 (1):3-21.
    Here I set the stage for developing a Kantian account of punishment attuned to social and economic injustice and to the need for prison reform. I argue that we cannot appreciate Kant's own discussion of punishment unless we read it in light of the theory of justice of which it is a part and the fundamental commitments of that theory to freedom, autonomy and equality. As important, we cannot properly evaluate Kant's advocacy of the law of retribution unless we recognize (...)
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    Kant, Ideal Theory, and the Justice of Exclusionary Zoning.Sarah Williams Holtman - 1999 - Ethics 110 (1):32-58.
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    Review: Fleischacker, A Third Concept of Liberty: Judgment and Freedom in Kant and Adam Smith. [REVIEW]Sarah Williams Holtman - 2001 - Philosophical Review 110 (3):437-440.
    Here Samuel Fleischacker undertakes an ambitious task. Primarily he aims to develop and defend an account of political liberty importantly distinct from the alternatives Isaiah Berlin made famous. Moreover, he promises to enunciate this account by appeal to Kant and Adam Smith and to demonstrate its practical strengths by comparison with the work of several contemporary political theorists, Rawls most significant among them.
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  6. Autonomy and the Kingdom of Ends.Sarah Williams Holtman - 2009 - In Thomas E. Hill (ed.), The Blackwell Guide to Kant's Ethics. Wiley-Blackwell.
  7. A Kantian Approach To Prison Reform.Sarah Williams Holtman - 1997 - Jahrbuch für Recht Und Ethik 5.
    Despite the extreme violence and severe overcrowding that plague U.S. prisons, prison reform is nearly a non-issue in this country. Immanuel Kant's Metaphysics of Morals may first appear an unlikely place to seek support for a more critical view of prison conditions and popular attitudes toward them. But by appeal to the doctrines of right and virtue, we can discover substantial Kantian grounds to support reform efforts.On Kantian bases I thus develop two principles, the first a principle of justice and (...)
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    Three Strategies for Theorizing About Justice.Sarah Williams Holtman - 2003 - American Philosophical Quarterly 40 (2):77 - 90.
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    Comments on O'Neill: Instituting Principles: Between Duty and Action.Sarah Williams Holtman - 1998 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 36 (S1):97-102.
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    Review: Boucher, The Limits of Ethics in International Relations: Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Human Rights in Transition[REVIEW]Sarah Williams Holtman - 2011 - Kantian Review 16 (3):3.
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    Justice, Welfare and the Kantian State.Sarah Williams Holtman - 2001 - In Ralph Schumacher, Rolf-Peter Horstmann & Volker Gerhardt (eds.), Kant Und Die Berliner Aufklärung: Akten des Ix. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses. Bd. I: Hauptvorträge. Bd. Ii: Sektionen I-V. Bd. Iii: Sektionen Vi-X: Bd. Iv: Sektionen Xi-Xiv. Bd. V: Sektionen Xv-Xviii. De Gruyter. pp. 152-160.
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    Review: Beiner and Booth (Eds.), Kant and Political Philosophy: The Contemporary Legacy[REVIEW]Sarah Williams Holtman - 1995 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 33 (2):348-350.
  13. Kant, Justice, and the Augmentation of Ideal Theory.Sarah Williams Holtman - 1995 - Dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    To isolate, analyze and explain their most basic commitments, theories of justice typically idealize. They assume for theoretical purposes, for example, that human beings possess far greater knowledge than they do, or that society's members strictly comply with just laws. Yet because it falsifies, idealization undermines the practical applicability of an ideal theory's principles. ;Although ideal theories are unsatisfactory as they stand, their fundamental principles may be invaluable in addressing our problems of justice. From such basic principles we may derive (...)
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    Towards Justice and Virtue: A Constructive Account of Practical Reasoning.Sarah Williams Holtman - 1998 - Journal of Philosophy 95 (6):317-321.
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  15. 10. Jerrold Levinson, Ed., Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection Jerrold Levinson, Ed., Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection (Pp. 215-219). [REVIEW]Cass R. Sunstein, Edna Ullmann‐Margalit, Sarah Williams Holtman, Philip Kitcher, Linda Barclay & John Martin Fischer - 1999 - Ethics 110 (1).
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