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Scott Samuelson [10]Scott Harold Samuelson [1]
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    Joyce’s Finnegans Wake and Vico’s Mental Dictionary.Scott Samuelson - 1999 - New Vico Studies 17:53-66.
  2. The Deepest Human Life: An Introduction to Philosophy for Everyone.Scott Samuelson - 2014 - University of Chicago Press.
    Sometimes it seems like you need a PhD just to open a book of philosophy. We leave philosophical matters to the philosophers in the same way that we leave science to scientists. Scott Samuelson thinks this is tragic, for our lives as well as for philosophy. In _The Deepest Human Life_ he takes philosophy back from the specialists and restores it to its proper place at the center of our humanity, rediscovering it as our most profound effort toward understanding, as (...)
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    The Veil of Isis.Scott Samuelson - 2008 - Environmental Philosophy 5 (2):162-164.
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    Vico and Literary Mannerism.Scott Samuelson - 2000 - New Vico Studies 18:111-114.