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    The Interactive Origin of Iconicity.Mónica Tamariz, Seán G. Roberts, J. Isidro Martínez & Julio Santiago - 2018 - Cognitive Science 42 (1):334-349.
    We investigate the emergence of iconicity, specifically a bouba-kiki effect in miniature artificial languages under different functional constraints: when the languages are reproduced and when they are used communicatively. We ran transmission chains of participant dyads who played an interactive communicative game and individual participants who played a matched learning game. An analysis of the languages over six generations in an iterated learning experiment revealed that in the Communication condition, but not in the Reproduction condition, words for spiky shapes tend (...)
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    Conversation, Cognition and Cultural Evolution.Seán G. Roberts & Stephen C. Levinson - 2017 - Interaction Studies 18 (3):402-442.
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    Cognitive Influences in Language Evolution: Psycholinguistic Predictors of Loan Word Borrowing.Padraic Monaghan & Seán G. Roberts - 2019 - Cognition 186:147-158.
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    Commentary: Large-Scale Psychological Differences Within China Explained by Rice Vs. Wheat Agriculture.Seán G. Roberts - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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