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  1. Samuel Ramos as a Pragmatist: Reading El Perfil Del Hombre y la Cultura En México Through Peirce's Pragmatic Maxim.Sergio A. Gallegos-Ordorica - 2020 - In Paniel Reyes Cardenas & Daniel Richard Herbert (eds.), The Reception of Peirce and Pragmatism in Latin America: A Trilingual Collection. Mexico City: Editorial Torres Asociados. pp. 151-165.
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    The Racial Legacy of the Enlightenment in Simón Bolívar's Political Thought.Sergio Armando Gallegos-Ordorica - 2018 - Critical Philosophy of Race 6 (2):198-215.
    This article offers a critical complement to Diego von Vacano’s differential characterization of Bolívar’s political thought and his understanding of race through a comparative analysis between Bolívar’s views and those of certain philosophers of the Enlightenment. Indeed, von Vacano argues that Bolívar’s contributions to republican theory have been traditionally ignored by the Anglo-American tradition. Though von Vacano is right in underscoring that Bolívar’s political thought deserves more attention since it contains valuable contributions that stand in “contradistinction to prevalent discourses in (...)
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    Agonistic Racial Politics and Anti-Racism Strategies.Sergio Armando Gallegos-Ordorica - 2018 - Radical Philosophy Review 21 (2):333-338.
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    Andrés Bello as a Prefiguration of Richard Rorty.Sergio A. Gallegos-Ordorica - 2019 - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 55 (2):161.
    The Venezuelan-Chilean humanist Andrés Bello has been recognized as one of the most distinguished intellectuals of the 19th century—one of the last polymaths of the stature of figures such as Athanasius Kircher, Gottfried Leibniz or Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, his numerous contributions span fields such as grammar, poetry, civil law, diplomacy, education, political theory, philology and philosophy. However, despite having composed one of the most important philosophical treatises ever written in Spanish, his philosophical proposals have not been engaged with a substantial (...)
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    Philosophy in Public Life in the Latin American and Latinx Traditions: Mexico and Argentina.Sergio A. Gallegos-Ordorica - 2022 - In Nancy McHugh and Ian Olasov Lee McIntyre (ed.), A Companion to Public Philosophy. New York, USA: Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 75-85.
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    Reflections on Brutality, Culture and Personhood.Sergio Armando Gallegos-Ordorica - 2021 - Radical Philosophy Review 24 (2):231-237.