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    Prostitution and Pornography: Philosophical Debate About the Sex Industry.Jessica Spector (ed.) - 2006 - Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.
    _Prostitution and Pornography_ examines debates about the sex industry and the adequacy of the liberal response to critiques of the sex industry. The anthology focuses particularly on the very different ways prostitution and pornography are treated. Unlike other books that deal with the sex industry, this volume brings together academics and industry veterans and survivors to discuss the ways prostitution, pornography, and other forms of commercial sex are treated, and to ask questions about the role that ideas about the self, (...)
  2. Obscene division: Feminist liberal assessments of prostitution versus feminist liberal defenses of pornography.Jessica Spector - 2006 - In Prostitution and Pornograph. Stanford, CA, USA: Stanford University Press. pp. 419-444.
    In assessing ethical issues concerning the sex-industry, feminist liberalism ought to combine the concern for the worker that is central to its treatment of prostitution, with sensitivity to the social and cultural embeddedness of self that is central to its treatment of pornography. That would enable us to then look at live-actor pornography as a form of prostitution that raises additional questions about third party consumption — and analysis both more theoretically coherent and practically useful.
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