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    Shari Collins-Chobanian (2000). Beyond Sax and Welfare Interests. Environmental Ethics 22 (2):133-148.
    In “The Search for Environmental Rights,” Joseph Sax argues that each individual should have, as a right, freedom from environmental hazards and access to environmental benefits, but he makes clear that environmental rights do not exist and their recognition would truly be a novel step. Sax states that environmental rights are different from existing human rights and argues that the closest analogy is welfare interests. In arguing for environmental rights, I follow Sax’s direction and draw from the work of those (...)
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    Shari Collins-Chobanian (1999). Faces of Environmental Racism: Confronting Issues of Global Justice. Environmental Ethics 21 (3):325-328.
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    Shari Collins-Chobanian (2001). A Proposal for Environmental Labels: Informing Consumers of the Real Costs of Consumption. Journal of Social Philosophy 32 (3):334–356.
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