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    Disclosure of Research Result to Research Participants: Needs and Attitudes of Adolescents and Parents.Conrad Vincent Fernandez, Shaureen Taweel, Eric D. Kodish & Charles Weijer - unknown
    BACKGROUND: Researchers have a moral responsibility to offer to return research results to participants, but the needs and attitudes of parents and adolescents with cancer in paediatric oncology regarding the issue are relatively unknown.OBJECTIVES: To explore the needs of potential research participants or their guardians with respect to the offer of a return of research results. METHODS: A questionnaire was used in a focus group and in telephone interviews with eight adolescents and 12 parents of children with cancer. The participants (...)
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    Disclosure of the Right of Research Participants to Receive Research Results: An Analysis of Consent Forms in the Children's Oncology Group.Conrad V. Fernandez, Eric Kodish, Shaureen Taweel, Susan Shurin & Charles Weijer - unknown
    BACKGROUND: The offer of return of research results to study participants has many potential benefits. The current study examined the offer of return of research results by analyzing consent forms from 2 acute lymphoblastic leukemia studies of the 235 institutional members of the Children's Oncology Group. METHODS: Institutional review board (IRB)-approved consent forms from 2 standard-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia studies (Children's Cancer Group [CCG] 1991 and Pediatric Oncology Group [POG] 9407) were analyzed independently by 2 reviewers. RESULTS: The authors received (...)
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    Establishing norms with metanorms in distributed computational systems.Samhar Mahmoud, Nathan Griffiths, Jeroen Keppens, Adel Taweel, Trevor J. M. Bench-Capon & Michael Luck - 2015 - Artificial Intelligence and Law 23 (4):367-407.
    Norms provide a valuable mechanism for establishing coherent cooperative behaviour in decentralised systems in which there is no central authority. One of the most influential formulations of norm emergence was proposed by Axelrod :1095–1111, 1986). This paper provides an empirical analysis of aspects of Axelrod’s approach, by exploring some of the key assumptions made in previous evaluations of the model. We explore the dynamics of norm emergence and the occurrence of norm collapse when applying the model over extended durations. It (...)
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    The Migration to Medina in Ṣaḥāba’s Poetry.Mehmet Ylmaz - 2019 - Cumhuriyet İlahiyat Dergisi 23 (1):149-170.
    After receiving the divine authorization from Allah to openly notify people of Islam, the Messenger of Allah started to publicly to invite the people of Mecca to Islam. Idolaters however felt heavy shame to give up the faith of their ancestors, and the pagans did not accept the Prophet's invitation to Islam. They applied various pressures to the Messenger of Allah and the believers to renounce the cause of Islam. When the animosity against the new Muslims became intolerable, Almighty Allah (...)
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