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    Clinical Ethics Consultation: Examining How American and Japanese Experts Analyze an Alzheimeras Case.Noriko Nagao, Mark P. Aulisio, Yoshio Nukaga, Misao Fujita, Shinji Kosugi, Stuart Youngner & Akira Akabayashi - 2008 - BMC Medical Ethics 9 (1):2-.
    BackgroundFew comparative studies of clinical ethics consultation practices have been reported. The objective of this study was to explore how American and Japanese experts analyze an Alzheimer's case regarding ethics consultation.MethodsWe presented the case to physicians and ethicists from the US and Japan (one expert from each field from both countries; total = 4) and obtained their responses through a questionnaire and in-depth interviews.ResultsEstablishing a consensus was a common goal among American and Japanese participants. In attempting to achieve consensus, the (...)
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    The Process of Whistleblowing in a Japanese Psychiatric Hospital.Kayoko Ohnishi, Yumiko Hayama, Atsushi Asai & Shinji Kosugi - 2008 - Nursing Ethics 15 (5):631-642.
    This study aims to unveil the process of whistleblowing. Two nursing staff members who worked in a psychiatric hospital convicted of large-scale wrongdoing were interviewed. Data were analyzed using a modified grounded theory approach. Analysis of the interviews demonstrated that they did not decide to whistleblow when they were suspicious or had an awareness of wrongdoing. They continued to work, driven by appreciation, affection, and a sense of duty. Their decision to whistleblow was ultimately motivated by firm conviction. Shortly after (...)
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    Obtaining Subjects' Consent to Publish Identifying Personal Information: Current Practices and Identifying Potential Issues.Akiko Yoshida, Yuri Dowa, Hiromi Murakami & Shinji Kosugi - 2013 - BMC Medical Ethics 14 (1):47.
    In studies publishing identifying personal information, obtaining consent is regarded as necessary, as it is impossible to ensure complete anonymity. However, current journal practices around specific points to consider when obtaining consent, the contents of consent forms and how consent forms are managed have not yet been fully examined. This study was conducted to identify potential issues surrounding consent to publish identifying personal information.
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    The Relationship Between Weight Loss and Time and Risk Preference Parameters: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Akemi Takada, Ryota Nakamura, Masakazu Furukawa, Yoshimitsu Takahashi, Shuzo Nishimura & Shinji Kosugi - 2011 - Journal of Biosocial Science 43 (4):481-503.
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    Development and Validation of a Short Scale to Measure How Social Relationships Support the Continuous and Conscious Endeavour to Lose Weight.Akemi Takada, Yoshimitsu Takahashi, Shuzo Nishimura & Shinji Kosugi - 2014 - Journal of Biosocial Science 46 (5):561-579.
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