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  1. Shri Krishna Saksena (1970). Essays on Indian Philosophy. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.
    The story of Indian philosophy.--Basic tenets of Indian philosophy.--Testimony in Indian philosophy.--Hinduism.--Hinduism and Hindu philosophy.--The Jain religion.--Some riddles in the behavior of Gods and sages in the epics and the Purānas.--Autobiography of a yogi.--Jainism.--Svapramanatva and Svapraksatva: an inconsistency in Kumārila's philosophy.--The nature of Buddhi according to Sānkhya-Yoga.--The individual in social thought and practice in India.--Professor Zaehner and the comparison of religions.--A comparison between the Eastern and Western portraits of man in our time.
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  2. Shri Krishna Saksena (1944). Nature Of Consciousness In Hindu Philosophy. Delhi: : Mitilal Banarsidass.