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    Model Theory of Steiner Triple Systems.Silvia Barbina & Enrique Casanovas - 2019 - Journal of Mathematical Logic 20 (2):2050010.
    A Steiner triple system (STS) is a set S together with a collection B of subsets of S of size 3 such that any two elements of S belong to exactly one element of B. It is well known that the class of finite STS has a Fraïssé limit M_F. Here, we show that the theory T of M_F is the model completion of the theory of STSs. We also prove that T is not small and it has quantifier elimination, (...)
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    Generic Expansions of Countable Models.Silvia Barbina & Domenico Zambella - 2012 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 53 (4):511-523.
    We compare two different notions of generic expansions of countable saturated structures. One kind of genericity is related to existential closure, and another is defined via topological properties and Baire category theory. The second type of genericity was first formulated by Truss for automorphisms. We work with a later generalization, due to Ivanov, to finite tuples of predicates and functions. Let $N$ be a countable saturated model of some complete theory $T$ , and let $(N,\sigma)$ denote an expansion of $N$ (...)
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    Reconstruction of Homogeneous Relational Structures.Silvia Barbina & Dugald Macpherson - 2007 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 72 (3):792 - 802.
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