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  1. The Logic of Knowledge and the Flow of Information.Simon D’Alfonso - 2014 - Minds and Machines 24 (3):307-325.
    In this paper I look at Fred Dretske’s account of information and knowledge as developed in Knowledge and The Flow of Information. In particular, I translate Dretske’s probabilistic definition of information to a modal logical framework and subsequently use this to explicate the conception of information and its flow which is central to his account, including the notions of channel conditions and relevant alternatives. Some key products of this task are an analysis of the issue of information closure and an (...)
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    Belief Merging with the Aim of Truthlikeness.Simon D’Alfonso - 2016 - Synthese 193 (7):2013-2034.
    The merging/fusion of belief/data collections in propositional logic form is a topic that has received due attention within the domains of database and AI research. A distinction can be made between two types of scenarios to which the process of merging can be applied. In the first type, the collections represent preferences, such as the voting choices of a group of people, that need to be aggregated so as to give a consistent result that in some way best represents the (...)
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    Review of "Information: A Very Short Introduction". [REVIEW]Simon D’Alfonso - 2010 - Essays in Philosophy 11 (2):238-243.
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    Weathering the Infostorm: Vincent F. Hendricks and Pelle G. Hansen: Infostorms: How to Take Information Punches and Save Democracy. Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, and London: Springer, 2014, 148pp, $19.99 PB.Simon D’Alfonso - 2015 - Metascience 24 (3):441-444.
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