1. Marc Bennett, Dirk Hermans, Simon Dymond, Ellen Vervoort & Frank Baeyens (2015). From Bad to Worse: Symbolic Equivalence and Opposition in Fear Generalisation. Cognition and Emotion 29 (6):1137-1145.
  2.  3
    Sean Boyle, Bryan Roche, Simon Dymond & Dirk Hermans (2016). Generalisation of Fear and Avoidance Along a Semantic Continuum. Cognition and Emotion 30 (2):340-352.
  3.  10
    Simon Dymond & Louise McHugh (2005). Symbolic Behavior and Perspective-Taking Are Forms of Derived Relational Responding and Can Be Learned. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (5):697-697.
    Numerous questions remain unanswered concerning the functional determinants of symbolic behavior and perspective-taking, particularly regarding the capabilities of children with autism. An alternative approach that considers these behaviors to be forms of derived relational responding allows for the design of functional intervention programs to establish such repertoires in individuals for whom they are absent.
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