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    Original Sin or Original Sinfulness? A Comment.Simon Heans - 2013 - Heythrop Journal 54 (1):55-69.
    My purpose is to defend Augustine's doctrine of original sin against Joseph Fitzpatrick in his series of articles in New Blackfriars (July 2009–Jan 2010). I begin by arguing that Fitzpatrick's criticisms of it as psychologically inadequate fail because they do not take seriously enough the metaphysical structure of this doctrine, viz, creation from nothing. The second part begins with a critique of Fitzpatrick's interpretation of Genesis 3 and continues with a critical analysis of his proposed alternative to Augustine on original (...)
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    Aspiring to Fullness in a Secular Age. Edited by Carlos D. Colorado and Justin D. Klassen. Pp. 296, Notre Dame Indiana, Notre Dame University Press, 2014, $39.00. [REVIEW]Simon Heans - 2017 - Heythrop Journal 58 (5):849-850.
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    Free to Say No? Free Will and Augustine's Evolving Doctrines of Grace and Election. By Eric L. Jenkins. Pp. Vii, 131, Cambridge, James Clarke, 2013, £15.00. [REVIEW]Simon Heans - 2016 - Heythrop Journal 57 (2):389-390.