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    Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari: Thought Beyond Representation.Simon O'Sullivan - 2006 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    In a series of philosophical discussions and artistic case studies, this volume develops a materialist and immanent approach to modern and contemporary art. The argument is made for a return to aesthetics--an aesthetics of affect--and for the theorization of art as an expanded and complex practice. Staging a series of encounters between specific Deleuzian concepts--the virtual, the minor, the fold, etc.--and the work of artists that position their work outside of the gallery or "outside" of representation--Simon O'Sullivan takes Deleuze's thought (...)
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    On the Production of Subjectivity: Five Diagrams of the Finite-Infinite Relation.Simon O'Sullivan - 2012 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Introduction: contemporary conditions and diagrammatic trajectory -- From joy to the gap: the accessing of the infinite by the finite (Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson) -- The care of the self versus the ethics of desire: two diagrams of the production of subjectivity (and of the subject's relation to truth) (Foucault versus Lacan) -- The aesthetic paradigm: from the folding of the finite-infinite relation to schizoanalytic metamodelisation (to biopolitics) (Guattari) -- The strange temporality of the subject: life in-between the infinite and the (...)
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    The Aesthetics of Affect: Thinking Art Beyond Representation.Simon O'Sullivan - 2001 - Angelaki 6 (3):125 – 135.
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    From Stuttering and Stammering to the Diagram: Deleuze, Bacon and Contemporary Art Practice.Simon O'Sullivan - 2009 - Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 3 (2):247-258.
    This article attends to Deleuze and Guattari's idea of a ‘minor literature’ as well as to Deleuze's concepts of the figural, probe-heads and the diagram in relation to Bacon's paintings. The paper asks specifically what might be usefully taken from this Deleuze–Bacon encounter for the expanded field of contemporary art practice.
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  5. Guattari's Aesthetic Paradigm: From the Folding of the Finite/Infinite Relation to Schizoanalytic Metamodelisation.Simon O'Sullivan - 2010 - Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 4 (2):256-286.
    This article offers two commentaries on two of Félix Guattari's essays from Chaosmosis: ‘The New Aesthetic Paradigm’ and ‘Schizoanalytic Metamodelisation’. The first commentary attends specifically to how Guattari figures the infinite/finite relation in relation to what he calls the three Assemblages (pre-, extant, and post-capitalism) and then even more specifically to the mechanics of this relation – or folding – within the third ‘processual’ Assemblage or new aesthetic paradigm of the essay's title. The second commentary looks at what Guattari has (...)
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    Contours and Case Studies for a Dissenting Subjectivity.Simon O'Sullivan & Ola Ståhl - 2006 - Angelaki 11 (1):147 – 156.
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    One Day in the Life of a City.Simon D. O'Sullivan & John Lynch - unknown
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