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Simon Van Rysewyk
University of Tasmania
  1. Robot Pain.Simon van Rysewyk - 2014 - International Journal of Synthetic Emotions 4 (2):22-33.
    Functionalism of robot pain claims that what is definitive of robot pain is functional role, defined as the causal relations pain has to noxious stimuli, behavior and other subjective states. Here, I propose that the only way to theorize role-functionalism of robot pain is in terms of type-identity theory. I argue that what makes a state pain for a neuro-robot at a time is the functional role it has in the robot at the time, and this state is type identical (...)
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  2. Beyond Faces: The Relevance of Moebius Syndrome to Emotion Recognition and Empathy.Simon van Rysewyk - 2011 - In A. Freitas-Magalhães (ed.), Emotional Expression: The Brain and the Face’ (V. II, Second Series). University of Fernando Pessoa Press.
  3. Comment On: Unconscious Affective Processing and Empathy: An Investigation of Subliminal Priming on the Detection of Painful Facial Expressions [Pain 2009; 1–2: 71–75].Simon van Rysewyk - 2009 - PAIN 145:364-366.
  4. The Translucent Face.Simon van Rysewyk - 2008 - Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences 9:67-84.
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  5. Towards the Developmental Pathway of Face Perception Abilities in the Human Brain.Simon van Rysewyk - 2010 - In A. Freitas-Magalhães (ed.), ‘Emotional Expression: The Brain and the Face’ (V. II, Second Series). University of Fernando Pessoa Press. pp. 111-131.
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    Picturing Mind Machines, An Adaptation by Janneke van Leeuwen.Simon van Rysewyk & Janneke van Leeuwen - 2014 - In Simon Peter van Rysewyk & Matthijs Pontier (eds.), Machine Medical Ethics. Springer.
  7. Age-Differences in Face Perception: A Review of N170 Event-Related Potential Studies.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013 - In A. Freitas-Magalhães (ed.), ‘Emotional Expression: The Brain and the Face’ (V. IV, Second Series). University of Fernando Pessoa Press.
  8. The Integration of Emotion and Reason in Caregiver Pain Assessment.Simon van Rysewyk - 2010 - Journal of Pain 11 (8):804-805.
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    Eben Alexander: ‘Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife’ (2012) – is Consciousness Cortical?Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    Self and World: The Case of Pain.Simon van Rysewyk - 2014
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    Links Between the Intrauterine Theory of Gender Identity, Transsexualism and Mind-Brain-Body Identity.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
  12.  39
    Critique of Max Velmans on Mind-Brain Identity Theory and Consciousness – Part I.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    Pain in the Brain? The Question of Fetal Pain.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    A Neurobehavioral-Polyvagal Theory of Pain Facial Expression.Simon van Rysewyk - 2014
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    Mind-Brain Identity Theory, ‘Brain-Sex’ Theory of Transsexualism and the Dimorphic Brain.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    Arguing Pain-Brain Relationships in the Fetus.Simon van Rysewyk - 2014
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    Towards Raising Awareness of Qualitative Pain Research.Simon van Rysewyk - 2014
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    Why Are Pain Patients All Unique? A Type-Token Identity Theory Answer.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    Tania Lombrozo, 'The Mind is Just the Brain'.Simon van Rysewyk - unknown
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    Philip Ball on Neuroaesthetics.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    Pain Experience and the Self.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
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    Explaining Pain: Comment on Robinson, Staud and Price (2013).Simon van Rysewyk - 2013
  23. Machine Medical Ethics.Simon Van Rysewyk & Matthijs Pontier (eds.) - 2015 - Springer.
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  24. Machine Medical Ethics.Simon Peter van Rysewyk & Matthijs Pontier (eds.) - 2014 - Springer.
    In medical settings, machines are in close proximity with human beings: with patients who are in vulnerable states of health, who have disabilities of various kinds, with the very young or very old, and with medical professionals. Machines in these contexts are undertaking important medical tasks that require emotional sensitivity, knowledge of medical codes, human dignity, and privacy. -/- As machine technology advances, ethical concerns become more urgent: should medical machines be programmed to follow a code of medical ethics? What (...)
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  25. Pain is Mechanism.Simon van Rysewyk - 2013 - Dissertation, University of Tasmania
    What is the relationship between pain and the body? I claim that pain is best explained as a type of personal experience and the bodily response during pain is best explained in terms of a type of mechanical neurophysiologic operation. I apply the radical philosophy of identity theory from philosophy of mind to the relationship between the personal experience of pain and specific neurophysiologic mechanism and argue that the relationship between them is best explained as one of type identity. Specifically, (...)
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