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  1. Explanation = Unification? A New Criticism of Friedman’s Theory and a Reply to an Old One.Roche William & Sober Elliott - 2017 - Philosophy of Science 84 (3):391-413.
    According to Michael Friedman’s theory of explanation, a law X explains laws Y1, Y2, …, Yn precisely when X unifies the Y’s, where unification is understood in terms of reducing the number of independently acceptable laws. Philip Kitcher criticized Friedman’s theory but did not analyze the concept of independent acceptability. Here we show that Kitcher’s objection can be met by modifying an element in Friedman’s account. In addition, we argue that there are serious objections to the use that Friedman makes (...)
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    Is the Theory of Natural Selection Unprincipled? A Reply to Shimony.Sober Elliott - 1989 - Biology and Philosophy 4 (3):275-279.
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    Reconstructing Marxism: A Reply.Wright Erik Olin, Levine Andrew & Sober Elliott - 1994 - Science and Society 58 (1):53 - 60.
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    [Book Review] Reconstructing Marxism, Essays on Explanation and the Theory of History. [REVIEW]Wright Erik Olin, Levine Andrew & Sober Elliott - 1994 - Ethics 104 (4):906-909.