Clay Splawn [6]Clay Davis Splawn [1]
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    “The Self-Other Asymmetry and Act Utilitarianism.”.Clay Splawn - 2001 - Utilitas 13 (3):323-333.
    The self-other asymmetry is a prominent and important feature of common-sense morality. It is also a feature that does not find a home in standard versions of act-utilitarianism. Theodore Sider has attempted to make a place for it by constructing a novel version of utilitarianism that incorporates the asymmetry into its framework. So far as I know, it is the best attempt to bring the two together. I argue, however, that Sider's ingenious attempt fails. I also offer a diagnosis that (...)
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    Updating Epicurus's Concept of Katastematic Pleasure.Clay Splawn - 2002 - Journal of Value Inquiry 36 (4):473-482.
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    Obituary: Corliss Lamont.Clay Splawn - 1995 - Overheard in Seville 13 (13):37-37.
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