Steen Olaf Welding [6]Steen O. Welding [1]
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    Ist die ethische Disjunktion Determinismus oder Indeterminismus lösbar? Eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Begriff der Handlung.Steen Olaf Welding - 2013 - Archiv Fuer Rechts- Und Sozialphilosphie 99 (4):556-563.
    It seems that actions are perceived from two different perspectives: on the one hand by the agent of the action and on the other hand by the observer. The latter perspective appears to be more reliable because of inter-subjective observations. Hence, determinists argue that actions can be causally explained by events, whereas the indeterminists claim that actions are acausal events. If e.g. Mary opens the door, we observe her behaviour but not her action; for it is not clear to us (...)
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    Die Struktur der Begründung Wissenschaftlicher Prognosen.Steen Olaf Welding - 1984 - Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 15 (1):72-91.
    Summary Influenced by the account of K. Popper and, moreover, of C. G. Hempel and P. Oppenheim, it is generally assumed, that a prediction can be logically deduced from hypotheses, i. e. lawlike propositions, and initial conditions. It is not clear, in which respect a prediction can correctly be supposed to be a proposition which is either true or false. From a logical point of view, serious difficulties arise in assuming that the deductive-nomological model consists of a valid argument. Further (...)
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