1.  71
    Combinations of Tense and Modality for Predicate Logic.Stefan Wölfl - 1999 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 28 (4):371-398.
    In recent years combinations of tense and modality have moved intothe focus of logical research. From a philosophical point of view, logical systems combining tense and modality are of interest because these logics have a wide field of application in original philosophical issues, for example in the theory of causation, of action, etc. But until now only methods yielding completeness results for propositional languages have been developed. In view of philosophical applications, analogous results with respect to languages of predicate logic (...)
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  2.  32
    Propositional Q-Logic.Stefan Wölfl - 2002 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 31 (5):387-414.
    Topic of the paper is Q-logic - a logic of agency in its temporal and modal context. Q-logic may be considered as a basal logic of agency since the most important stitoperators discussed in the literature can be defined or axiomatized easily within its semantical and syntactical framework. Its basic agent dependent operator, the Q-operator (also known as Δ- or cstit-operator), which has been discussed independently by E v. Kutschera and B. E Chellas, is investigated here in respect of its (...)
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  3.  31
    Events in Branching Time.Stefan Wölfl - 2005 - Studia Logica 79 (2):255-282.
    The concept of event is one of the key notions of many theories dealing with causality or agency. In this paper we study different approaches to events that share the basic assumption that events can be analyzed fruitfully in branching-time structures. The terminological framework developed thereby may be helpful for further analyses in the fields of causality and agency and also in those fields of computational semantics, where similar concepts are considered.
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    Kombinierte Zeit- Und Modallogik, Vollständigkeitsresultate Für Prädikatenlogische Sprachen.Stefan Wölfl - 2001 - Erkenntnis 55 (1):117-121.
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  5.  21
    Review of Nuel Belnap, Michael Perloff, Ming Xu, Paul Bartha, Mitchell Green, John Horty, Facing the Future: Agents and Choices in Our Indeterminist World[REVIEW]Stefan Wolfl - 2002 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2002 (8).
  6.  8
    On Qualitative Route Descriptions.Matthias Westphal, Stefan Wölfl, Bernhard Nebel & Jochen Renz - 2015 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 44 (2):177-201.
    The generation of route descriptions is a fundamental task of navigation systems. A particular problem in this context is to identify routes that can easily be described and processed by users. In this work, we present a framework for representing route networks with the qualitative information necessary to evaluate and optimize route descriptions with regard to ambiguities in them. We identify different agent models that differ in how agents are assumed to process route descriptions while navigating through route networks and (...)
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