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Stefano Bonzio
University of Turin
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    On Paraconsistent Weak Kleene Logic: Axiomatisation and Algebraic Analysis.Stefano Bonzio, José Gil-Férez, Francesco Paoli & Luisa Peruzzi - 2017 - Studia Logica 105 (2):253-297.
    Paraconsistent Weak Kleene logic is the 3-valued logic with two designated values defined through the weak Kleene tables. This paper is a first attempt to investigate PWK within the perspective and methods of abstract algebraic logic. We give a Hilbert-style system for PWK and prove a normal form theorem. We examine some algebraic structures for PWK, called involutive bisemilattices, showing that they are distributive as bisemilattices and that they form a variety, \, generated by the 3-element algebra WK; we also (...)
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    Sure-Wins Under Coherence: A Geometrical Perspective.Stefano Bonzio, Tommaso Flaminio & Paolo Galeazzi - 2019 - In Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty. ECSQARU 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
    In this contribution we will present a generalization of de Finetti's betting game in which a gambler is allowed to buy and sell unknown events' betting odds from more than one bookmaker. In such a framework, the sole coherence of the books the gambler can play with is not sucient, as in the original de Finetti's frame, to bar the gambler from a sure-win opportunity. The notion of joint coherence which we will introduce in this paper characterizes those coherent books (...)
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    A Duality for Involutive Bisemilattices.Stefano Bonzio, Andrea Loi & Luisa Peruzzi - 2019 - Studia Logica 107 (2):423-444.
    We establish a duality between the category of involutive bisemilattices and the category of semilattice inverse systems of Stone spaces, using Stone duality from one side and the representation of involutive bisemilattices as Płonka sum of Boolean algebras, from the other. Furthermore, we show that the dual space of an involutive bisemilattice can be viewed as a GR space with involution, a generalization of the spaces introduced by Gierz and Romanowska equipped with an involution as additional operation.
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    Reliability: An Introduction.Stefano Bonzio, Jürgen Landes & Barbara Osimani - forthcoming - Synthese:1-10.
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    Dualities for Płonka Sums.Stefano Bonzio - 2018 - Logica Universalis 12 (3-4):327-339.
    Płonka sums consist of an algebraic construction similar, in some sense, to direct limits, which allows to represent classes of algebras defined by means of regular identities. Recently, Płonka sums have been connected to logic, as they provide algebraic semantics to logics obtained by imposing a syntactic filter to given logics. In this paper, I present a very general topological duality for classes of algebras admitting a Płonka sum representation in terms of dualisable algebras.
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    Representing Quantum Structures as Near Semirings.Stefano Bonzio, Ivan Chajda & Antonio Ledda - 2016 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 24 (5).