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    Measuring the Implementation of Codes of Conduct. An Assessment Method Based on a Process Approach of the Responsible Organisation.André Nijhof, Stephan Cludts, Olaf Fisscher & Albertus Laan - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 45 (1-2):65 - 78.
    More and more organisations formulate a code of conduct in order to stimulate responsible behaviour among their members. Much time and energy is usually spent fixing the content of the code but many organisations get stuck in the challenge of implementing and maintaining the code. The code then turns into nothing else than the notorious "paper in the drawer", without achieving its aims. The challenge of implementation is to utilize the dynamics which have emerged from the formulation of the code. (...)
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    Organisation Theory and the Ethics of Participation.Stephan Cludts - 1999 - Journal of Business Ethics 21 (2-3):157 - 171.
    An ethical evaluation of employee participation to decision-making has to be based, obviously, on a theory about ethics, but also on an understanding of the role and the impact of participation in the organisation. This paper aims at sketching different organisational paradigms, and analysing their normative prescriptions w.r.t. participation. It will appear that the recognition of the social nature of man and the acknowledgement of the existence of differentiated goals could enhance the positive outcomes of participation. Next, we will examine (...)
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    The Stakeholders as Investors: A Response to Etzioni.Stephan Cludts - 1999 - Business Ethics Quarterly 9 (4):673-676.
    In a recent contribution to this journal, Etzioni (1998) has introduced a “communitarian note on stakeholder theory” based on a principle of fairness. While we do not challenge the principle of fairness itself, we claim that when this principle is applied only to those who invest in the corporation, it cannot serve as the ground for an ethical stakeholder theory. A focus on low-skilled workers as astakeholder group will help us to illustrate this claim.
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    Sustaining Humanity Beyond Humanism: Editorial Introduction. [REVIEW]Annette Kleinfeld, Stephan Cludts & Domènec Melé - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 45 (1/2):1 - 2.
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