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    Stephanie Denison, Elizabeth Bonawitz, Alison Gopnik & Thomas L. Griffiths (2013). Rational Variability in Children's Causal Inferences: The Sampling Hypothesis. Cognition 126 (2):285-300.
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    Fei Xu & Stephanie Denison (2009). Statistical Inference and Sensitivity to Sampling in 11-Month-Old Infants. Cognition 112 (1):97-104.
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    Stephanie Denison & Fei Xu (2010). Integrating Physical Constraints in Statistical Inference by 11-Month-Old Infants. Cognitive Science 34 (5):885-908.
    Much research on cognitive development focuses either on early-emerging domain-specific knowledge or domain-general learning mechanisms. However, little research examines how these sources of knowledge interact. Previous research suggests that young infants can make inferences from samples to populations (Xu & Garcia, 2008) and 11- to 12.5-month-old infants can integrate psychological and physical knowledge in probabilistic reasoning (Teglas, Girotto, Gonzalez, & Bonatti, 2007; Xu & Denison, 2009). Here, we ask whether infants can integrate a physical constraint of immobility into a statistical (...)
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    Stephanie Denison & Fei Xu (2014). The Origins of Probabilistic Inference in Human Infants. Cognition 130 (3):335-347.
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    Elizabeth Bonawitz, Stephanie Denison, Thomas L. Griffiths & Alison Gopnik (2014). Probabilistic Models, Learning Algorithms, and Response Variability: Sampling in Cognitive Development. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 18 (10):497-500.