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  1. Stephen H. Voss & Charles Sayward (1980). The Structure of Type Theory. Journal of Philosophy 77 (5):241-259.
    Formal principals are isolated to reveal a structure embedded in a wide range of studies, each of which partitions a domain of individuals into types and categories. It is thought that any reasonable theory of types should include these principles.
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    Charles Sayward & Stephen H. Voss (1972). Absurdity and Spanning. Philosophia 2 (3):227-238.
    On the basis of observations J. J. C. Smart once made concerning the absurdity of sentences like 'The seat of the bed is hard', a plausible case can be made that there is little point to developing a theory of types, particularly one of the sort envisaged by Fred Sommers. The authors defend such theories against this objection by a partial elucidation of the distinctions between the concepts of spanning and predicability and between category mistakenness and absurdity in general. The (...)
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    Stephen H. Voss (1981). How Spinoza Enumerated the Affects. Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 63 (2):167-179.
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    Stephen H. Voss & Charles Sayward (1976). Eternal Sentences. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 54 (1):14 – 23.
    The paper argues that two apparently attractive conceptions of an eternal sentence are defective. An alternative conception is presented which the authors think allows greater insight into the nature of semantic concepts.
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