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Stephen José Hanson [7]Stephen J. Hanson [3]
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    What Connectionist Models Learn: Learning and Representation in Connectionist Networks.Stephen José Hanson & David J. Burr - 1990 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 13 (3):471-489.
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    Learned Categorical Perception in Neural Nets: Implications for Symbol Grounding.Stevan Harnad & Stephen J. Hanson - unknown -
    After people learn to sort objects into categories they see them differently. Members of the same category look more alike and members of different categories look more different. This phenomenon of within-category compression and between-category separation in similarity space is called categorical perception (CP). It is exhibited by human subjects, animals and neural net models. In backpropagation nets trained first to auto-associate 12 stimuli varying along a onedimensional continuum and then to sort them into 3 categories, CP arises as a (...)
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    To Maximize or Not to Maximize ….Stephen José Hanson - 1981 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 (3):391-392.
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    On the Obvious Treatment of Connectionism.Stephen José Hanson - 1988 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 11 (1):38.
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    Commentary on "Reliable Reasoning".Stephen José Hanson - 2009 - Abstracta 5 (3):42-46.
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    Reinforcement Without Representation.Stephen José Hanson - 1994 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (1):141.
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    Transcending “Transcending…”.Stephen Jośe Hanson - 1986 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 9 (4):656.
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    Foundational Issues in Human Brain Mapping.Stephen José Hanson & Martin Bunzl (eds.) - 2010 - Bradford.
    The field of neuroimaging has reached a watershed. Brain imaging research has been the source of many advances in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive science over the last decade, but recent critiques and emerging trends are raising foundational issues of methodology, measurement, and theory. Indeed, concerns over interpretation of brain maps have created serious controversies in social neuroscience, and, more important, point to a larger set of issues that lie at the heart of the entire brain mapping enterprise. In this volume, (...)
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  9. Regulation During Challenge: A General Model of Learned Performance Under Schedule Constraint.Stephen J. Hanson & William Timberlake - 1983 - Psychological Review 90 (3):261-282.
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  10. Arousal: Its Genesis and Manifestation as Response Rate.Peter R. Killeen, Stephen J. Hanson & Steve R. Osborne - 1978 - Psychological Review 85 (6):571-581.
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