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Profile: Stephen Laumakis (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)
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    Stephen J. Laumakis (2006). Reading Seneca: Stoic Philosophy at Rome. Review of Metaphysics 60 (2):408-409.
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    Stephen J. Laumakis (2008). The Sensus Communis Reconsidered. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 82 (3):429-443.
    Although some philosophers accept an atomistic view of sense impressions, most acknowledge that we are aware not merely of isolated disparate sense data, but of concrete sensible wholes. One of many philosophical problems faced by these philosophers, however, is to explain how these distinct simultaneously presented sensible aspects are subjectively and objectively cognized as belonging to the same particular object. The traditional Thomistic solution is the sensus communis. Recently, however, the validity of that response has been called into question. As (...)
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    Stephen J. Laumakis (2011). Eastern and Western Contributions to «Contemplative Science». Enrahonar: Quaderns de Filosofía 47:93-104.
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    Stephen J. Laumakis (2008). An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy. Cambridge University Press.
    In this clearly written undergraduate textbook, Stephen Laumakis explains the origin and development of Buddhist ideas and concepts, focusing on the philosophical ideas and arguments presented and defended by selected thinkers and sutras from various traditions. He starts with a sketch of the Buddha and the Dharma, and highlights the origins of Buddhism in India. He then considers specific details of the Dharma with special attention to Buddhist metaphysics and epistemology, and examines the development of Buddhism in China, Japan, and (...)
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