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  1. Stephen Petersen (2007). The Ethics of Robot Servitude. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 19 (1):43-54.
    Assume we could someday create artificial creatures with intelligence comparable to our own. Could it be ethical use them as unpaid labor? There is very little philosophical literature on this topic, but the consensus so far has been that such robot servitude would merely be a new form of slavery. Against this consensus I defend the permissibility of robot servitude, and in particular the controversial case of designing robots so that they want to serve human ends. A typical objection to (...)
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    Stephen Petersen (2004). Explosive Propositions: Artists React to the Atomic Age. Science in Context 17 (4):579-609.
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    Stephen Petersen (2008). Analysis, Schmanalysis. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 38 (2):289-299.
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  4. Stephen Petersen (2004). Functions, Creatures, Learning, Emotion. Hudlicka and Canamero.
    I propose a conceptual framework for emotions according to which they are best understood as the feedback mechanism a creature possesses in virtue of its function to learn. More specifically, emotions can be neatly modeled as a measure of harmony in a certain kind of constraint satisfaction problem. This measure can be used as error for weight adjustment (learning) in an unsupervised connectionist network.
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