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Stephen Napier
Villanova University
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    Book Reviews. [REVIEW]Joseph A. Bulbulia, Kristen Kingfield Kearns, Ilsup Ahn, Peter Forrest, Stephen R. Napier, Graeme Marshall & Patrick Hutchings - 2003 - Sophia 42 (1):125-126.
    Book Review. . ???aop.label???. doi: 10.1080/00048402.2014.929720.
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  2. Motivated Cognition in Perception, Memory and Testimony: In Defense of a Responsibilist Version of Virtue Epistemology.Stephen R. Napier - 2004 - Dissertation, Saint Louis University
    There is debate among virtue epistemologists concerning what is the nature of an intellectual virtue. Linda Zagzebski in Virtues of the Mind , for instance, argues that an intellectual virtue has both a success and motivational component. Furthermore, Zagzebski defines knowledge with reference to acts of intellectual virtue. An agent S knows p iff S performs an act of intellectual virtue in forming the belief that p. This means that Zagzebski is committed to the counter-intuitive claim that low-grade knowledge requires (...)
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