1.  19
    Interview with Carole Pateman by Steve On.Steve On - 2010 - Contemporary Political Theory 9 (2):239-250.
  2.  26
    Brian Barry and the Headscarf Case in France.Steve On - 2006 - Contemporary Political Theory 5 (2):176-192.
    Brian Barry's Culture and Equality is probably the most powerful liberal egalitarian critique of multiculturalism addressing the pathologies of recognizing difference of ethnicity, religion, race, and culture. In this essay, I examine Barry's approach to the law, which underpins his theory of egalitarianism to determine whether it is enough — as Barry thinks it is — to insist on either applying the same law for everyone so that exemptions are foreclosed in general, or repealing the law since the case for (...)
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  3.  11
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  4.  8
    Critical Exchange on the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.Chandran Kukathas, Brooke Ackerly, Christine Löw & Steve On - 2012 - Contemporary Political Theory 11 (2):229-240.
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  5.  9
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