1.  45
    Gemeinschaft Revisited: A Critique and Reconstruction of the Community Concept.Steven Brint - 2001 - Sociological Theory 19 (1):1-23.
    Community remains a potent symbol and aspiration in political and intellectual life. However, it has largely passed out of sociological analysis. The paper shows why this has occurred, and it develops a new typology that can make the concept useful again in sociology. The new typology is based on identifying structurally distinct subtypes of community using a small number of partitioning variables. The first partition is defined by the ultimate context of interaction; the second by the primary motivation for interaction; (...)
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  2.  19
    Creating the Future:'New Directions' in American Research Universities.Steven Brint - 2005 - Minerva 43 (1):23-50.
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    Hidden Meanings: Cultural Content and Context in Harrison White's Structural Sociology.Steven Brint - 1992 - Sociological Theory 10 (2):194-208.
  4. Creating the Future: The New University Directions.Steven Brint - 2004 - Minerva 43:23-50.
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