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  1. Molecules and Minds: Essays on Biology and the Social Order.Steven P. R. Rose - 1987 - Open University Press.
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    Mind-Brain; Puccetti & Dykes' Non-Solution to a Non-Problem.Steven P. R. Rose - 1978 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1 (3):363-364.
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    Lifelines: Biology Beyond Determinism.Steven P. R. Rose - 1998 - Oxford University Press.
    Reductionism--understanding complex processes by breaking them into simpler elements--dominates scientific thinking around the world and has certainly proved a powerful tool, leading to major discoveries in every field of science. But reductionism can be taken too far, especially in the life sciences, where sociobiological thinking has bordered on biological determinism. Thus popular science writers such as Richard Dawkins, author of the highly influential The Selfish Gene, can write that human beings are just "robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish (...)
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    The New Brain Sciences: Perils and Prospects.D. Rees & Steven P. R. Rose (eds.) - 2004 - Cambridge University Press.
    The social, ethical and legal implications of discoveries in the neurosciences.
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  5. The Political Economy of Science: Ideology of/in the Natural Sciences.Hilary Rose & Steven P. R. Rose (eds.) - 1976 - Macmillan.
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    Lifelines: Life Beyond the Gene.Steven P. R. Rose - 2003 - Oxford University Press.
    In Life Beyond the Gene, Steven Rose offers a theory of life which insists that we as humans -- and indeed all living creatures -- create our own futures, though in circumstances not of our own choosing. Placing the organism at the center of life, Rose confronts the ideology of reductionism and ultra-Darwinism, with its insistence that all aspects of human life from sexual preference to infanticide, political orientation to violence, male domination to alcoholism, are in our genes and are (...)
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  7. Against Biological Determinism the Dialects of Biology Group.Steven P. R. Rose & Dialects of Biology Group - 1981
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  8. Against Biological Determinism.Steven P. R. Rose & Dialectics of Biology Group - 1982 - Allison & Busby.
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    ‘Do Not Adjust Your Mind, There is a Fault in Reality’— Ideology in Neurobiology.Steven P. R. Rose & Hilary Rose - 1973 - Cognition 2 (4):479-502.
  10. Ideology of/in the Natural Sciences.Hilary Rose & Steven P. R. Rose (eds.) - 1976 - G. K. Hall.
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  11. Lifelines Biology, Freedom, Determinism.Steven P. R. Rose - 1997
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    Organising for Science in Britain: How Far is There Still to Go? [REVIEW]Steven P. R. Rose - 1967 - Minerva 5 (4):578-581.
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  13. Science and Beyond.Steven P. R. Rose & Lisa Appignanesi (eds.) - 1986 - B. Blackwell in Association with the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
  14. Towards a Liberatory Biology.Steven P. R. Rose & Dialectics of Biology Group - 1982
  15. The Conscious Brain.Steven P. R. Rose - 1973 - Paragon House.
  16. The Radicalisation of Science: Ideology of/in the Natural Sciences.Hilary Rose & Steven P. R. Rose (eds.) - 1976 - Macmillan.
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  17. Where Biology Meets Psychology: Philosophical Essays Edited by Valerie Gray Hardcastle.Steven P. R. Rose - 2000 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 4 (6):248-249.
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