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  1. Gravitation and cosmology: principles and applications of the general theory of relativity.Steven Weinberg - 1972 - New York,: Wiley.
    Weinberg's 1972 work, in his description, had two purposes. The first was practical to bring together and assess the wealth of data provided over the previous decade while realizing that newer data would come in even as the book was being printed. He hoped the comprehensive picture would prepare the reader and himself to that new data as it emerged. The second was to produce a textbook about general relativity in which geometric ideas were not given a starring role for (...)
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  2. Sokal's Hoax.Steven Weinberg - 1996 - New York Review of Books 13:11-15.
    Like many other scientists, I was amused by news of the prank played by the NYU mathematical physicist Alan Sokal. Late in 1994 he submitted a sham article to the cultural studies journal Social Text, in which he reviewed some current topics in physics and mathematics, and with tongue in cheek drew various cultural, philosophical and political morals that he felt would appeal to fashionable academic commentators on science who question the claims of science to objectivity.
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  3. Effective field theory, past and future.Steven Weinberg - 2016 - In Lars Brink, L. N. Chang, M. Y. Han, K. K. Phua & Yoichiro Nambu (eds.), Memorial volume for Y. Nambu. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte..
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    A response to professor wójcicki.Steven Weinberg - 1998 - Foundations of Science 3 (1):79-81.
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    Can science explain everything? Can science explain anything?Steven Weinberg - 2004 - In John Cornwell (ed.), Explanations: Styles of Explanation in Science. Oxford University Press. pp. 23.
  6. Der Traum von der Einheit des Universums (ubersetzt von Friedrich Griese).Steven Weinberg & Carsten Klein - 1995 - Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 26 (2):354.
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