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    Interpretation as luxury: Heart patients living with data doubt, hope, and anxiety.Tariq Osman Andersen, Henriette Langstrup & Stine Lomborg - 2020 - Big Data and Society 7 (1).
    Personal health technologies such as apps and wearables that generate health and behavior data close to the individual patient are envisioned to enable personalized healthcare - and self-care. And yet, they are consumer devices. Proponents of these devices presuppose that measuring will be helpful, and that data will be meaningful. However, a growing body of research suggests that self-tracking data does not necessarily make sense to users. Drawing together data studies and digital health research, we aim to further research on (...)
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    Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Roundtable Summary: Artificial Intelligence and the Good Society Workshop Proceedings.Corinne Cath, Michael Zimmer, Stine Lomborg & Ben Zevenbergen - 2018 - Philosophy and Technology 31 (1):155-162.
    This article is based on a roundtable held at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference in 2017, in Tartu, Estonia. The roundtable was organized by the Oxford Internet Institute’s Digital Ethics Lab. It was entitled “Artificial Intelligence and the Good Society”. It brought together four scholars—Michael Zimmer, Stine Lomborg, Ben Zevenbergen, and Corinne Cath—to discuss the promises and perils of artificial intelligence, in particular what ethical frameworks are needed to guide AI’s rapid development and increased use in societies. The (...)
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    Personal internet archives and ethics.Stine Lomborg - 2013 - Research Ethics 9 (1):20-31.
    In its ethics guidelines, the Association of Internet Researchers advocates a bottom-up, case-based approach to research ethics, one that emphasizes that ethical judgement must be based on a sensible examination of the unique object and circumstances of a study, its research questions, the data involved, and the expected analysis and reporting of results, along with the possible ethical dilemmas arising from the case. This article clarifies and illustrates the mind-set and process of such a bottom-up approach to internet research ethics. (...)
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    Negotiating Privacy Through Phatic Communication. A Case Study of the Blogging Self.Stine Lomborg - 2012 - Philosophy and Technology 25 (3):415-434.
    The article provides an instructive in-depth analysis of communicative practices in the personal blog. Its aim is to document the discursive dynamics and interactional ethics of blogging, with a specific focus on negotiations of the blogging self in-between public and private. Based on key findings from an empirical case study of personal blogs, the article addresses the negotiation of the blogging self from three interdependent perspectives: the network structures, patterns of interaction, and thematic orientations of the blog. Instead of approaching (...)
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