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  1. Thinking Inside the Box: Controlling and Using an Oracle AI.Stuart Armstrong, Anders Sandberg & Nick Bostrom - 2012 - Minds and Machines 22 (4):299-324.
    There is no strong reason to believe that human-level intelligence represents an upper limit of the capacity of artificial intelligence, should it be realized. This poses serious safety issues, since a superintelligent system would have great power to direct the future according to its possibly flawed motivation system. Solving this issue in general has proven to be considerably harder than expected. This paper looks at one particular approach, Oracle AI. An Oracle AI is an AI that does not act in (...)
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    Racing to the Precipice: A Model of Artificial Intelligence Development.Stuart Armstrong, Nick Bostrom & Carl Shulman - 2016 - AI and Society 31 (2):201-206.
  3. The Technological Singularity.Jim Miller, Roman Yampolskiy, Stuart Armstrong & Vic Callaghan (eds.) - 2015
    "The idea that human history is approaching a singularity - that ordinary humans will someday be overtaken by artificially intelligent machines or cognitively enhanced biological intelligence, or both - has moved from the realm of science fiction to serious debate. Some singularity theorists predict that if the field of artificial intelligence continues to develop at its current dizzying rate, the singularity could come about in the middle of the present century. Murray Shanahan offers an introduction to the idea of the (...)
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    Thinking Inside the Box: Using and Controlling an Oracle AI.Stuart Armstrong, Anders Sandberg & Nick Bostrom - forthcoming - Minds and Machines.
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    Periodicity of Nocturnal Feeding in the Rat: What the Gut Tells the Brain or What the Brain Tells the Gut.Stuart Armstrong - 1981 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 (4):575.