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  1. Norms and Values: Essays on the Work of Virginia Held.Lawrence Blum, Claudia Card, Marilyn Friedman, Carol C. Gould, Mark S. Halfon, Virginia Held, Eva Feder Kittay, Leo Kittay, John W. Lango, Patricia S. Mann, Larry May, Diana T. Meyers, Kai Nielsen, Nel Noddings, Sara Ruddick, Michael Slote & Sue Weinberg - 1998 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Virginia Held, best known for her landmark book Rights and Goods, has made an indelible mark on the fields of ethics, feminist philosophy, and social and political thought. Her impact on a generation of feminist thinkers is unrivaled and she has been at the forfront of discussions about the way in which an ethic of care can affect social and political matters. These new essays by leading contemporary philosophers range over all of these areas. While each stands alone, the essays (...)
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    John Locke: Drafts for the "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" and Other Philosophical Writings.Sue M. Weinberg - 1992 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 30 (3):459-461.
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    Hypatia's Daughters: Fifteen Hundred Years of Women Philosophers (Review).Sue M. Weinberg - 1999 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 37 (1):164-165.
  4. Atoms and Monads: An Inquiry Into the Idea of Nature in Locke's "Essay" and Leibniz's "New Essays".Sue M. Weinberg - 1985 - Dissertation, City University of New York
    A matter of significance for the history of philosophy is the question of what are the issues that underlie Leibniz's response to Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding, in his own New Essays on Human Understanding. Exploration of that question can contribute to interpretations of both Locke and Leibniz. Equally important, it can provide insight into problems of philosophy that have their genesis in the seventeenth century. ;The dissertation uses the Essay and the New Essays to explore what it regards as (...)
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  5. Book Reviews. [REVIEW]Sue M. Weinberg - 1999 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 37 (1):164.
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