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  1. Effects of rumination and distraction on naturally occurring depressed mood.Susan Nolen-Hoeksema & Jannay Morrow - 1993 - Cognition and Emotion 7 (6):561-570.
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    One versus many: Capturing the use of multiple emotion regulation strategies in response to an emotion-eliciting stimulus.Amelia Aldao & Susan Nolen-Hoeksema - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (4):753-760.
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    Less is more? Effects of exhaustive vs. minimal emotion labelling on emotion regulation strategy planning.Vera Vine, Emily E. Bernstein & Susan Nolen-Hoeksema - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 33 (4):855-862.
    ABSTRACTPrevious research suggests that labelling emotions, or describing affective states using emotion words, facilitates emotion regulation. But how much labelling promotes emotion regulation? And which emotion regulation strategies does emotion labelling promote? Drawing on cognitive theories of emotion, we predicted that labelling emotions using fewer words would be less confusing and would facilitate forms of emotion regulation requiring more cognitively demanding processing of context. Participants mentally immersed themselves in an emotional vignette, were randomly assigned to an exhaustive or minimal emotion (...)
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    The dangers of dwelling: An examination of the relationship between rumination and consumptive coping in survivors of childhood sexual abuse.Sabina Sarin & Susan Nolen-Hoeksema - 2010 - Cognition and Emotion 24 (1):71-85.