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    Spatial awareness is a function of the temporal not the posterior parietal lobe.Hans-Otto Karnath, Susanne Ferber & Marc Himmelbach - 2001 - Nature 411 (6840):951-953.
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    The impact of multisensory integration deficits on speech perception in children with autism spectrum disorders.Ryan A. Stevenson, Magali Segers, Susanne Ferber, Morgan D. Barense & Mark T. Wallace - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    The ties that keep us bound: Top-down influences on the persistence of shape-from-motion☆.Evan F. Risko, Mike J. Dixon, Derek Besner & Susanne Ferber - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 15 (2):475-483.
    The phenomenon of perceptual persistence after the motion stops in shape-from-motion displays was used to study the influence of prior knowledge on the maintenance of a percept in awareness. In SFM displays an object composed of discontinuous line segments are embedded in a background of randomly oriented lines. The object only becomes perceptible when the line segments that compose the object and the lines that compose the background move in counterphase. Critically, once the movement of the line segments stops, the (...)
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    Stimulus familiarity modulates functional connectivity of the perirhinal cortex and anterior hippocampus during visual discrimination of faces and objects.Victoria C. McLelland, David Chan, Susanne Ferber & Morgan D. Barense - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Spatial Working Memory Deficits Represent a Core Challenge for Rehabilitating Neglect.Christopher L. Striemer, Susanne Ferber & James Danckert - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.
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    Your divided attention, please! The maintenance of multiple attentional control sets over distinct regions in space.Maha Adamo, Carson Pun, Jay Pratt & Susanne Ferber - 2008 - Cognition 107 (1):295-303.
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    The role of elaboration in the persistence of awareness for degraded objects.Stephen M. Emrich, Justin D. N. Ruppel & Susanne Ferber - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (1):319-329.
    When a fragmented line-drawing of an object moves relative to a background of randomly oriented lines, the previously hidden object can be segregated from the background and consequently enters awareness. In this shape-from-motion paradigm, the percept of the object briefly persists after the motion stops, demonstrating the maintenance of a bound percept in awareness. This study investigated how the manipulation of object features that are crucial to recognition influences both the binding process and the maintenance of objects in awareness. Overall, (...)
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    Maintaining the ties that bind: The role of an intermediate visual memory store in the persistence of awareness.Susanne Ferber & Stephen M. Emrich - 2007 - Cognitive Neuropsychology 24 (2):187-210.
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    Directed avoidance and its effect on visual working memory.Ryan S. Williams, Jay Pratt & Susanne Ferber - 2020 - Cognition 201 (C):104277.
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