1.  72
    Functional Syntax: Anaphora, Discourse, and Empathy.Susumu Kuno - 1987 - University of Chicago Press.
    I CATEGORIES AND PRINCIPLES ii Introductory Remarks The value of linguistics as a cognitive science lies largely in its potential for providing insights ...
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    The Structure of the Japanese Language.Roy Andrew Miller & Susumu Kuno - 1977 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 97 (2):232.
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    Principles of Discourse Deletion-Case Studies From English, Russian and Japanese.Susumu Kuno - 1982 - Journal of Semantics 1 (1):61-93.
    A syntactically optional constituent in a sentence can be deleted if it is recoverable from the preceding context. This does not mean, however, that all such constituents are deletable. This paper hypothesizes that there is a pecking order of deletion, which dictates that deletion should proceed from less important to more important information. Evidence is drawn from English, Russian and Japanese in support of this hypothesis. Interaction of this constraint with various syntactic rules in each individual language is examined, and (...)
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    A Note on Sluicing with Implicit Indefinite Correlates.Soo-Yeon Kim & Susumu Kuno - 2013 - Natural Language Semantics 21 (4):315-332.
    This squib aims to show that the acceptability status of sluicing examples with an implicit antecedent in islands varies and discusses what is responsible for this variability. After investigating two representative structural approaches to sluicing that posit unpronounced structure in ellipsis sites, namely, Chung et al.’s Representing language: Essays in honor of Judith Aissen, 2010) LF-recovery analysis and Merchant’s PF-deletion analysis, we demonstrate that the acceptability data presented are challenging for both of them. Acceptable sluicing examples with implicit correlates in (...)
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    Conditions for Verb Phrase Deletion.Susumu Kuno - 1975 - Foundations of Language 13 (2):161-175.
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