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Sytse Strijbos
VU University Amsterdam
  1. Systems thinking.Sytse Strijbos - 2010 - In Julie Thompson Klein & Carl Mitcham (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity. Oxford University Press. pp. 453.
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    In search of an integrative vision for technology: interdisciplinary studies in information systems.Sytse Strijbos & Andrew Basden (eds.) - 2006 - New York: Springer.
    In Search Of An Integrative Vision For Technology will stimulate its readers to consider the 'whole story that is information systems' within the context of an integrative vision of technology. It integrates disparate areas of debate and research while appreciating the contribution that philosophy can make to such thinking. It is deliberately broad in coverage, and designed to provide useful pointers so that researchers, students, practitioners, and developers can easily apply each point as needed. "Human issues of technology and their (...)
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    Ethics and the Systematic Character of Modern Technology.Sytse Strijbos - 1998 - Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 3 (4):160-169.
    A distinguishing feature of today’s world is that technology has built the house in which humanity lives. More and more, our lives are lived within the confines of its walls. Yet this implies that technology entails far more than the material artifacts surrounding us. Technology is no longer simply a matter of objects in the hands of individuals; it has become a very complex system in which our everyday lives are embedded. The systemic character of modern technology confronts us with (...)
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    The problem of development and the decontextualization of technology: A world‐system approach1.Sytse Strijbos - 1998 - World Futures 52 (3):333-346.
    The decontextualization of technology has paved the way for an enormous dynamics of development. Modern technology, freed from restraining bonds to specific cultures, has undergone unprecedented extension and growth. The dynamics of technological development has sucked the whole of society and culture into a maelstrom of change. At the very moment during recent decades that the value of the world's varied cultures and societies was being discovered, modern technology was invading them on a global scale and assimilating them into a (...)
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