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    The Therapy of Desire in Early Confucianism: Xunzi.T. C. Kline - 2006 - Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 5 (2):235-246.
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    Ritual and Religion in the Xunzi.T. C. Kline & Justin Tiwald - 2014 - SUNY Press.
    Xunzi, a founding figure in the Confucian tradition, is one of the world's great philosophers and theorists of religion. For much of the last century, his work has been seen largely as critical of religion, particularly the popular beliefs and invocations of supernatural forces that underpin so many religious rituals. Contributors to this volume challenge this view and offer a more sophisticated picture of Xunzi. He emerges not as critic, but rather as an adherent of religion who seeks to give (...)
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    Virtue, Nature, and Moral Agency in the Xunzi.Philip J. Ivanhoe & T. C. Kline (eds.) - 2000 - Hackett Publishing Company.
    Xunzi is traditionally identified as the third philosopher in the Confucian tradition, after Confucius and Mencius. Unlike the work of his two predecessors, he wrote complete essays in which he defends his own interpretation of the Confucian position and attacks the positions of others. Within the early Chinese tradition, Xunzi's writings are arguably the most sophisticated and philosophically developed. This richness of philosophical content has led to a lively discussion of his philosophy among contemporary scholars. This volume collects some of (...)
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