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    Markets and the Needy: Organ Sales or Aid?T. L. Zutlevics - 2001 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 18 (3):297–302.
  2.  25
    Towards a Theory of Oppression.T. L. Zutlevics - 2002 - Ratio 15 (1):80–102.
  3.  23
    Libertarianism and Personal Autonomy.T. L. Zutlevics - 2001 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 39 (3):461-471.
  4.  26
    Relational Selves, Personal Autonomy and Oppression.T. L. Zutlevics - 2002 - Philosophia 29 (1-4):423-436.
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    Response to “Cutting Bodies to Harvest Organs” by John Portmann (CQ Vol 8, No 3).T. L. Zutlevics - 2002 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 11 (1):68-72.
    John Portmann attributes the current shortage of organs for transplantation to the dual effects of bioethics' reverence for autonomy and a general anxiety in the public about cutting bodies. Contrary to Portmann, I argue that attributing even partial blame to autonomy for organ shortages wrongly locates the problem. Indeed, there is reason to believe that waiting lists would be considerably shortened by respecting people's autonomy. I also question Portmann's explanation of the general aversion to organ donation in terms of a (...)
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  6. Could Providing Financial Incentives to Research Participants Be Ultimately Self-Defeating?T. L. Zutlevics - 2016 - Research Ethics 12 (3):137-148.
    Controversy over providing financial incentives to research participants has a long history and remains an issue of contention in both current discussions about research ethics and for institutional review bodies/human research ethics committees which are charged with the responsibility of deciding whether such incentives fall within ethical guidelines. The arguments both for and against financial incentives have been well aired in the literature. A point of agreement for many is that inducement in the form of financial incentive is permissible when (...)
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