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  1. Thought Experiments in Science and Philosophy.Tamara Horowitz & Gerald J. Massey (eds.) - 1991 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Despite their centrality and importance to both science and philosophy, relatively little has been written about thought experiments. This volume brings together a series of extremely interesting studies of the history, mechanics, and applications of this important intellectual resource. A distinguished list of philosophers and scientists consider the role of thought experiments in their various disciplines, and argue that an examination of thought experimentation goes to the heart of both science and philosophy.
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  2. Philosophical intuitions and psychological theory.Tamara Horowitz - 1998 - Ethics 108 (2):367-385.
    To what extent can philosophical thought experiments reveal norms? Some ethicists have argued that certain thought experiments reveal that people draw a morally significant distinction between "doing" and "allowing". I examine one such thought experiment in detail and argue that the intuitions it elicits can be explained by "prospect theory", a psychological theory about the way people reason. The extent to which such alternative explanations of the results of thought experiments in philosophy are generally available is an empirical question.
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  3. 10. Notes on Contributors Notes on Contributors (p. 460).David Estlund, Kok‐Chor Tan, Sophia Reibetanz, Susan J. Brison, Arthur Isak Applbaum, Tamara Horowitz, Elinor Mason & Jeff McMahan - 1998 - In Stephen Everson (ed.), Ethics. Cambridge University Press.
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    A Priori Truth.Tamara Horowitz - 1985 - Journal of Philosophy 82 (5):225.
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    A priori truth.Tamara Horowitz - 1985 - Journal of Philosophy 82 (5):225-239.
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    The epistemology of a priori knowledge.Tamara Horowitz (ed.) - 2006 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    This volume collects four published articles by the late Tamara Horowitz and two unpublished papers on decision theory: "Making Rational Decisions When Preferences Cycle" and the monograph-length "The Backtracking Fallacy." An introduction is provided by editor Joseph Camp. Horowitz preferred to recognize the diversity of rationality, both practical and theoretical rationality. She resisted the temptation to accept simple theories of rationality that are quick to characterize ordinary reasoning as fallacious. This broadly humanist approach to philosophy is exemplified by the articles (...)
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  7. Computability as a Physical Modality.Tamara Horowitz - forthcoming - Unpublished Ms Held in the Casimir Lewy Library, Cambridge.
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    Stipulation and epistemological privilege.Tamara Horowitz - 1983 - Philosophical Studies 44 (3):305 - 318.
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    Scientific Failure.Tamara Horowitz & Allen Ira Janis - 1994 - Rowman & Littlefield.
    Philosophers and scientists discuss how failure has influenced the development of science, and how current failures might influence its course in the future. Among the modern examples are nonequilibrium statistical physics, and neoclassical consumer theory; early examples include Aristotelian psychology and molecular biology. Some of the eight articles were presented at an April 1988 workshop at the University of Pittsburgh. No index. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.
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