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  1. Quantifier scope: How labor is divided between QR and choice functions. [REVIEW]Tanya Reinhart - 1997 - Linguistics and Philosophy 20 (4):335-397.
  2. Pragmatics and Linguistics: an analysis of Sentence Topics.Tanya Reinhart - 1981 - Philosophica 27.
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    Coreference and bound anaphora: A restatement of the anaphora questions. [REVIEW]Tanya Reinhart - 1983 - Linguistics and Philosophy 6 (1):47 - 88.
  4. Elliptic conjunctions-non-quantificational LF.Tanya Reinhart - 1991 - In Aka Kasher (ed.), The Chomskyan Turn. Blackwell. pp. 360384.
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    Wh-in-situ in the Framework of the Minimalist Program.Tanya Reinhart - 1998 - Natural Language Semantics 6 (1):29-56.
    In the framework of the minimalist program, the assumption that wh-in-situ move covertly to be assigned wide scope is infeasible. Rather, it is assumed that they must be interpretable in situ, and that syntactic conditions like ‘superiority’ are effects of economy, which restricts overt rather than covert movement of a wh-element. The remaining syntactic problem for this line of reasoning is the putative ECP effects of adverbial wh-adjuncts, which were the strongest evidence for covert movement. A serious semantic problem is (...)
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  6. Nonquanti cational LF.Tanya Reinhart - 1991 - In Aka Kasher (ed.), The Chomskyan Turn. Blackwell.
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  7. Topics and the conceptual interface.Tanya Reinhart - 2004 - In Hans Kamp & Barbara Hall Partee (eds.), Context-Dependence in the Analysis of Linguistic Meaning. Elsevier. pp. 275--305.
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