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    The Informative Value of Type of Repetition: Perceptual and Conceptual Fluency Influences on Judgments of Truth.Rita R. Silva, Teresa Garcia-Marques & Rolf Reber - 2017 - Consciousness and Cognition 51:53-67.
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    I Know the Rule, but I'll Just Go with My Gut: Is There a Rational Use of Intuition?Filipe Loureiro & Teresa Garcia-Marques - 2018 - Thinking and Reasoning 24 (4):469-497.
    ABSTRACTResearch has established that human thinking is often biased by intuitive judgement. The base-rate neglect effect provides such an example, so named because people often support their decisions in stereotypical individuating information, neglecting base-rates. Here, we test the hypothesis that reasoners acknowledge information provided by base-rates and may use individuating information in support of a “rational” decision process. Results from four experiments show that “base-rate neglecting” occurs when participants acknowledge sample distributions; participants who prefer individuating over base-rate information perceive base-rates (...)
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    Threat Perception and Familiarity Moderate the Androgen Response to Competition in Women.Gonçalo A. Oliveira, Sara Uceda, Tânia Oliveira, Alexandre Fernandes, Teresa Garcia-Marques & Rui F. Oliveira - 2013 - Frontiers in Psychology 4.
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